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Our Story

Hi I'm Louis, welcome to Orchard Box! As a real cider lover I've found that sometimes it’s difficult to find unique, and interesting, real ciders. Most shops, pubs, and bars only have mass produced ciders, and "ciders" made from concentrates which are packed with artificial flavourings. That’s why I started Orchard Box - The UK's 1st Craft Cider Subscription Box! So now, real cider lovers around the UK can discover rare, interesting, and hard to find craft ciders from around the world; easily.

The craft cider revolution is growing by the day. We want to give independent producers a chance to shine, and for their products to get into the hands of the people that will truly appreciate them. When I was 8 years old we had a small orchard which my Dad would make cider from the apples. One day my cousin Jon, and I, were playing in the barn. We used the tap on the cider barrel to climb up; snapping it off and losing all my Dads cider!! So it was at an early age that I discovered peoples' "passion" for real cider!

Our mission is to get the best real craft ciders, from around the world, into the hands of the people that love them, and to give smaller producers exposure. So join us and I promise to send you the best, most unique and exclusive ciders we can find, Cheers!